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Originally written by Betty Byrd:

Recently, I was asked to write an email of encouragement to a local church Prayer Coordinator who was facing an uphill climb, mobilizing and recruiting cohorts for a ministry of prayer. Here’s what I wrote:


“I am so glad to meet you, even if it is by email! It is a privilege to know you as the person who keeps prayers for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through the efforts of your local church, five days a week, 52 weeks a year. May God continue to give you the stamina, perseverance, and endurance to do this very hard job. Even though you are a behind-the scenes worker, you are actually leading the front lines of the forces who are doing battle in the spiritual realms. The strongholds fall when people pray. Prayer is the crucial strategy in missions and the key to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

“Eleven years ago, I did a similar work for the church of which I am a member in Louisville – except that I only did it once a week – and the prayer needs were distributed by paper rather than email. Today this church continues to pray for and work in every one of the countries on the list for which we prayed and, in addition, has launched a work among an unreached people group in South Asia. Where would we be today if people had not been praying?

“Sometimes I found (and still find) myself discouraged. There was/is little feedback. Sometimes it seemed that the requests were often the same from week to week. It was as if the requests resembled those of that persistent woman Jesus talked about – the one who asked and asked and asked over and over again. Then I remember what happened in her case.

“It has totally been a blessing to send the daily emails on behalf of unreached peoples and Team Expansion workers for the past five years. If you would like to subscribe to this group (The Prayer Force, Team Expansion’s umbrella prayer group), I would be happy to enlist you. We would love to have a prayer warrior such as you praying for unreached peoples and our missionaries on a daily basis. If there are any ideas or requests you could use from the daily emails, you would be more than welcome to do so. The unreached people group which is included in each message is taken from This website is full of resources and ideas for prayer. You might also check out the Unleashed for the Unreached website at On this site, you can learn how to sign up as an intercessor and even participate in a monthly webinar along with other intercessors. They ask me to write Prayer Pointers Communiques for their Intercessors. (See a PDF of the July  2011 edition or an online example of the August 2011 edition. These contain more ideas and resources for prayer. If you have any problems getting to any of these sites – or if you have any questions as you glean them – please feel free to let me know.
“In closing, I would like to mention two big helps outside of written resources for prayer. One is a “partner in crime”. Once a month, another woman and I brainstorm about the daily emails. She helps set up the format for a whole month in dvance. Then I just have to come in with the current requests on a daily basis. Do you have someone with whom you could pray on a regular basis and who would help you with ideas and resources?

“Lastly, one who gives on such a regular basis as you probably could probably use some regular re-fueling, even in addition to your daily quiet times. “Finding a Rhythm of Rest” is a personal prayer retreat guide that has helped re-charge me. I can share that with you, if you like.

“Keep up the good work, and please let me know if there are any specific ways in which I can help.
“Praying for you, Betty

Linda Epeards

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