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If you’ve been missing the Prayer Pointers Communique in your inbox this year, you need not hold your breath any longer! This issue covers the past three months of fantastic webinars featuring outstanding presenters who all focus on the topic of disciple making.

Harry Brown, VP at CityTeam, and Doug Lucas, President of Team Expansion, kicked off the year with the January webinar, “How to Get Your Church Involved in Disciple Making.” If you missed this webinar, you can find both the archive video and the presentation at

After viewing the presentation, please consider these next steps to help both you and your church get more involved in making disciples:

  • Visit and sign up for the 30-day challenge. Invite others to join you in this challenge as well.
  • Learn even more about disciple making by reading two books, Contagious Disciple Making by David L. Watson & Paul D. Watson and Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale

In February, Curtis Sergeant, a trainer of those who want to multiply disciples, continued the series in a webinar entitled “The Must Haves for Disciple Making.” In this webinar, Curtis discussed the importance of prayer, intentional conversations, and sharing your own testimony, all of which are essential to making more disciples. Curtis learned these principles while serving overseas and saw them used to launch a great disciple-making movement. You don’t want to miss checking out this webinar at
Elisha Ortiz has posted extensive notes from this webinar at

David Watson, author of Contagious Disciple Making, presented the March webinar, “My Friend Just Asked, “What About God?’ Now What?” David Watson serves as the Vice President of Global Church Planting with CityTeam International, San Jose, CA. David has been instrumental in starting 64 movements globally. In this webinar, discussion centered around the implementation and use of a 24/7 prayer room, how to start and implement a Discovery Bible Study (DBS), and how to move from a DBS to a Disciple Making Movement (DMM). For next steps, you’ll definitely want to check out the archive video at and read David’s book, Contagious Disciple Making.

After three months of valuable learning and moving forward in the next steps, there’s still more to come! The fourth webinar in the series is scheduled to take place on April 27 at noon EDT and will feature Dr. George Patterson who will be speaking on “The Magic of Multiplication: How could our church make it happen?” Dr. Patterson has experience in training pastors and in planting churches in Central America, as well as in training church planters at Western Seminary. Mark your calendar and register at


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