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Great Commission

U4theU organizes gatherings for those involved in a church missions program. These events are designed for people who have an active role in church missions and want to learn, grow, and share with others in similar roles. There are 2 different options: Missions Ministers’ Roundtable is for those who are paid church staff with roles focused on missions ministry. Mission Interchange is designed for lay people who serve on missions committees, teams, and on short-term trips.

Mission Interchange is a conference dedicated to the intrepid volunteers who gladly serve on mission committees, mission teams, and short-term mission trips globally. Brought to you by the same people who created the Missions Ministers Roundtable (now in its 17th year), Mission Interchange will be for the volunteer what the Roundtable has become for career outreach directors. With the help of innovative and professional missions pastors, ministers, and directors, Mission Interchange will provide you with ideas and inspiration to improve your church’s missions program and accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission. You’ll find out what others are doing and hear exciting case studies. You’ll also be able to share what you and your church have learned with others. Mission Interchange will become a network that provides you with a storehouse of knowledge and “fellow strugglers” who are facing the same challenges and opportunities that you face at your church every week. Come be a part of Mission Interchange and watch the effectiveness of the entire network climb higher together. To register, just sign up below.

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The Missions Ministers Roundtable (MMR) has been meeting just before ICOM (International Conference on Missions) every year since 2005.  This gathering is meant as a time for church missions staff to gather together to share ideas, resources, struggles, and victories. As a participant in one of these conferences you’ll get to experience workshops about local and global missions, you’ll participate in multiple resource-sharing lightning rounds, and will even have the opportunity to join break out groups about topics close to your heart.

These events rotate every year to wherever ICOM is being held. If you’re on staff at a church and you have job responsibilities in missions, we’d love for you to participate! But note: the Missions Ministers Roundtable is unique in that it is an invitation-only event. You must be on staff at a church with responsibilities in missions in order to attend. (You need not be full-time in global outreach.) For more information or for an invitation, drop us a note at [email protected].

The next Roundtable will take place on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 in Oklahoma CityTo register go to For more information please email Tina at [email protected]