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Volunteer Opportunities


U4theU writers are needed to write educational information, website content, and blog posts about the unreached and U4theU. If you feel God has gifted you with the ability to write, let us know and we’ll find a project that works for you!


Intercessors approach the throne of God on behalf of nations, peoples, and cities. As such, they become direct partners with Jesus when he told us to “Ask the Lord to raise up harvesters.” As Jesus saw the people, harassed and helpless, his heart was burdened by the fact that they had no shepherds. Intercessors pray fervently that God would raise up modern-day shepherds and the networks to support them. They “adopt” specific people groups are remain haunted by the fact that no one is telling those groups about the Good News of Jesus Christ. They ask the Creator of the universe for mercy, while at the same time claiming his promise — that He will hear from Heaven and grant their request “beyond their imagination.” Intercessors can imagine a lot. They dream of the day that there are thriving, white-hot churches in every people group under heaven, much like the description given in Revelation 7. Intercessors are the heartbeat of Unleashed for the Unreached.


Catalysts want to see change. They seek to connect the dots between believers in a sending country (like the USA) and untold masses in a receiving country (say, for example, a land in North Africa, the Middle East, or South Asia). Maybe they’ll never actually set foot in their “adopted land,” but never mind — the steps they take are designed, very proactively, to create conduits for go-ers: People who will move to the adopted city or people group and communicate Good News. They might start by something as simple as arranging a phone call, video-conference, or meeting between a U4theU representative and the Pastor, Missions Minister, or Missions Committee of their home church. Or, alternatively, they might ask to speak directly with one of those people on their own. Regardless, their orientation is results-oriented. They’d like to see a team on-site and they’ll do whatever they can to help make that happen. Because in nearly every land, “How shall they hear unless someone is sent?” (Romans 10)


The opportunities to volunteer with U4thU are endless! We need all kinds of different skills and abilities to spread the gospel to every corner of the world. Some of our needs are assistants, designers, photographers, project Coordinators, prayer Coordinators, research associates and strategy consultants. and web designers. Don’t see a job here you think you’re fit for? Let us know and we’ll find a way for you to join the cause!

We need every one to help us reach our goal of spreading the gospel to every
unreached people group on earth.