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While thinking about this month’s Day of Prayer and Fasting coming up in just a few days (March 26) at Emerald Hills, I came across an article by Bill Bright in Pray! magazine (Issue 2, p. 29). Thought his reasons for fasting might be an encouragement to our staff as we prepare and look forward to this day and for you as well as you contemplate times of personal fasting in your lives and perhaps even corporate fasting with your local congregation or group. Here are the reasons Bill gave::

1. Fasting is a primary means of restoration. By humbling us, fasting releases the Holy Spirit to do His revival work within us. This takes us deeper into the Christlife and gives us a greater awareness of God’s reality and presence in our lives.
2. Fasting reduces the power of self so that the Holy Spirit can do a more intense work within us.
3. Fasting helps to purify us spiritually.
4. Fasting increases spiritual reception by quieting our minds and emotions.
5. Fasting brings a yieldedness, even a holy brokenness, resulting in an inner calm and self-control.
6. Fasting renews spiritual vision.
7. Fasting inspires determination to follow God’s revealed plan for our lives.

My commentary: And that’s what it does for us! Just think about what it does for the unreached and other people and goals for whom/which we are praying.


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