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1) Get to know the group

If possible, read more detail about the group(s) for which you’ll be praying. Try a local library, or search the internet to find background information. Visit to see if there’s a narrative People Group Profile for your group(s). See an example here: People Group Profile

 2) Pray with others

We’ve found that, when praying in community with others for unreached peoples, it’s much easier to stay engaged. One can do this on a Prayer Journey, at a convention at an exhibit like “The Wall of Unreached Peoples,” or even at a local Concert of Prayer.

3) Write and pray through a list of prayer starters to help spark ideas

Here are some possible ideas:

  • Ask God to raise up workers and/or “near neighbor evangelists” to take the Good News of Jesus to the unreached group.
  • Pray that He would warm their hearts to the gospel. Colossians 4:1-3 is a great example.
  • Ask the Lord to protect those who DO accept him (from persecution).
  • If there’s no scripture translation yet for the group, pray for that to happen.
  • Pray for community needs — like medical access and care, nourishing food and clean water, education, freedom from oppression, available jobs, etc.
4) Pray for the kings or governors who rule the people group

Paul actually commanded us to pray for “Kings and all those in authority”  (I Tim. 2:2). If possible, look up their names and, regardless of how difficult they appear to pronounce, try to pray for these leaders by name.

5) Ask god to reveal what it is he wants you to do about this group

Pray that He’ll speak to you and to those around you. Maybe God will call you to be a worker among the group. If not you, then who?

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