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Originally written by Betty Byrd

Three Walls of Unreached People Groups attracted much interest and prayer during the International Conference on Missions in Columbus, Ohio, in November. The newest Wall highlighted twenty-five unreached groups which Team Expansion is targeting. One Wall hung on the outside of the Prayer Center in the convention hall, and another “greeted” attendees in the lobby just outside of the exhibit hall.

Just as we had finished setting up the lobby Wall and the adjacent special Wall of twenty-five highlighted people groups, an Columbus Convention Center executive stopped as he was walking by and engaged a few of us in conversation. The brightly colored, beautifully designed twenty-five groups Wall had especially caught his attention, and he wanted to know all about it. We discovered that he is one of the elders at Leave a Mark Church in Columbus. He was so impressed that he promised to bring another Leave a Mark leader to visit the Wall before the convention concluded. You might say the Wall is making its own mark with those who want to Leave a Mark!

Praying inside the Prayer Center was a peaceful, inspiring experience, and I especially enjoyed the journaling area set up behind panels which separated from the more open stations. It was set up with three table and chair sets, journals, and pens. It was a great place to read the prayer entries of others and to write out my own thoughts in the journals on the tables and thoughts concerning a workshop on the papers I supplied myself.

Praying at the Wall hanging on the outside of the Prayer Center was challenging with all of the hub-bub and noise in the exhibit hall and people stopping to greet, hug, and even kiss as I prayed. Praise the Lord for that additional time to spend in prayer for some of those seven panels of unreached groups in India!

A variety of people prayed at the Wall in the lobby outside of the exhibit hall, and I know for a fact that every one of those 6,900 groups listed on that Wall was lifted before our Father at least once during the conference. Praise the Lord for those prayers, for those intercessors, and for those unreached people groups who will hear the Gospel because of those prayers.

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