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by Linda Lucas

To God be all glory, for the great things He has done, is doing and is about to do! There is a stir in the hearts of the global Church who were blessed to have met together to pray specifically for the unreached people of the world by way of a live internet broadcast or the first ever Global Prayercast via our host congregation at Legacy Christian Church in Kansas on April 17, 2013.   Prayers were lifted live from every continent of this earth to petition God to raise up more workers for the harvest fields to reach those 7,000 people groups yet unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ.   He will answer!

It has been said that missions exist because worship doesn’t… not just worship but specifically worship of God and God alone.   Man was created to worship so we know that if one’s heart is not bonded to the worship of Almighty God then that heart is indeed bonded to the worship of a false god.   We the church have been commissioned to spread the good news of liberation from bondage to these false gods that cannot deliver to freedom, none but Jesus Christ in His sacrifice once and for all on the cross can set all mankind free from law of sin and death.  He rose victorious from the grave and conquered forever its power over humanity, when we are in Him we are free indeed!   Praise be to God!

 We know as Christians that the enemy is hard at work and growing more and more vicious in his attack upon the bride of Christ as he knows his time is short.  Mind games that are intended to discourage and isolate the hearts of those who work the front lines of this spiritual battle to hinder and ultimately silence the prayers of the saints were shattered the night of the Prayercast on April 17 as many of these very same servants came together before the throne of God in earnest prayer.  From Boston to Tokyo, from the Ukraine to Antarctica God’s children gathered at His feet.  Tears were shed before Him for the sake of the lost and the ultimate glory of our Father and the fame of His name among the nations.

 Hundreds if not thousands, were blessed and touched to their very core to have been witness to such a meeting of prayer.  As we recall the accounts in scripture as to God’s response to those who humble themselves and prayed; chains were broken, walls were tumbled, souls were set free, hearts were healed …. We know that God will surely answer our prayers because He is forever the same.  Hallelujah, all glory to God!  Let our prayers be multiplied and magnified to rise as incense before the throne of the King of kings.  Ceaseless from one end of the earth to the other, though unheard by our mortal ears not unheard by our God who does hear each and every word, who never slumbers nor sleeps, and counts every tear.

 Let us not grow weary in doing good.  When you feel like Elijah and have been to the mountain and beheld the fire of His glory, run so intent as the dry parched desert He’s turned into mud, seemingly only to find yourself sitting weary and alone under a brittle bush feeling that you are the lone voice in a wilderness; you sit discouraged, exhausted and empty…. Remember too, the angel the Father sent to refresh and encourage with the good news that He has yet reserved a remnant for Himself who are yet undefiled by this world.

You are not alone dear brother, dear sister… your family is spread around this globe to bring His praise and the light of His glory to all nations and we have committed ourselves to Him.  Thank our Father for this technological age in which we can come together as family and petition Him as one body for the lost souls of men to the glory of His name among the nations.  Remember this too, that we who love our Father also love His Church and are faithfully lifting one another up to Him in prayer that we may be faithful to the end, and so be refreshed.

 This was truly a prayer meeting unparalleled, a first of its kind…..we hated to say ‘good-bye’ as we signed off the air, but all praise be to God it will not be the last!  Let the earth shake and the mountains tremble, let the trees clap their hands and let the redeemed of the LORD join with the heavens in proclaiming His praises, for our God reigns, He will do what He said He would do.  Every tongue every nation will declare that He alone is God and sing a new song before His throne!  AMEN and AMEN!

To the work, to the work for the glory of His name!  Can’t wait till heaven!

Linda Lucas

Author Linda Lucas

Hi! I’m Linda. I am a Midwest, born and raised, PK who grew a heart of passion for missions and the global church by way of being a witness to the exemplary lives of my parents and the missionaries that passed through our home. After attending Cincinnati Bible College for one year I married my husband, Jim Lucas. We have since been very blessed to raise three amazing sons, gain three wonderful daughters and three perfect grandchildren with one more on the way. Firmly believing that my ministry begins at home I was always a stay at home mom and ended up home educating the last 10 years of our sons education. My feet first hit foreign soil in the spring of 1993, joining with a Team Expansion partnership in the Ukraine for a 17 day journey through which my life and direction of service for the Lord were forever changed. Following that point of transformation I began serving on our church’s Missions Ministry and to participate in our annual, short term / exposure trips. By the year 2000 I found myself transplanted from Ohio to Indiana and leading these trips. I reconnected with Team Expansion in 2009 and am currently in partnership with Team Expansion as a volunteer Regional Mobilizer for NW Indiana, a Connections Trip leader and mobilize prayer warriors for the Shuar peoples of Ecuador. A favorite of passage of Scripture that gives me courage to do all that I do is Philippians 1:3-6: because of this passage my hope abounds and all fears are dispelled …To the work to the work… until all have heard … or He calls me home.

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