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Originally written by Tim Stapleton:

As I entered the prayer room the elderly gentleman who was leaving, with a quivering voice and tears in his eyes said, “I love this room.” Other comments revealed how God had touched and changed lives through the experience:


  • “Wow, thank you so much for putting this room together! Wow!”
  • “This room gives us a chance to sit at Jesus’ feet, to come into the Holy presence of the Lord God Almighty. There is no other experience greater than this.”
  • “This prayer room has humbled me to the point of tears. I have so much more to be thankful for than I have ever imagined.”
  • “Dear God, I’m sitting here lost in my own thoughts, stunned that there are so many people in this world that don’t know your Gospel. I pray that you will send your sons and daughters to them and to teach them the blessing of knowing you. I pray that you will touch each and everyone just as you have me.”

September 23-30 Briar Ridge Christian Church, the church where I worship, accepted the Light the Fire Challenge. 24 hours each day for 7 days the members of the congregation kept the fire of prayer burning using a special prayer room established for the event.  Not only did the experience touch individual lives but has also spurred a desire on the part of many of the church’s leaders to adopt an unreached people group.

When we ended the week of prayer, we passed the flame on to the church in Casarapa, Venezuela. The goal is to keep the prayer torch burning for a minimum of 10 years.  Why not help your church enjoy the experience?

May God’s fire continue to burn.

Linda Epeards

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