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ReachtheUnreachedWe’re kind of excited about the fact that the number of unreached people groups, as reported by Joshua Project at has dropped by nearly 10% in the past four years. Granted, some of our enthusiasm has to be leavened by the fact that Joshua Project leaders have established new policies regarding certain smaller groups. For more on this, see… . Still, I wrote Joshua Project’s lead demographer to ask if I could make this summary statement: “The list of unreached people groups has dropped in size,” and he indeed felt ok about saying that. In addition to changing the way the JP team reports smaller groups (especially those in a diaspora), they admit they’ve also learned new data about certain initiatives (about which they knew little before). But of course, they also readily admit that new initiatives are also changing the face of these data. Bottom line: Instead of being a list of “nearly 7,000” like it was in 1996, the JoshuaProject list is now more like “about 6500.

To me, this is good news, even WITH the disclaimers. I think the praying public will benefit from seeing this kind of progress. Frankly, on the heels of hearing about lots of martyrdom and persecution, they could use some good news.

So — please help us get the word out: The JoshuaProject list no longer qualifies as being “about 7,000” groups. It’s now squarely 6500-ish. Praise God. Learn more at .


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  • Dear Doug Lucas
    I agree, this is exiting news! I am also using Joshuaprojects statistics and powerpoint presentations in teaching on missions, and the fact that the number of UPG is going down is really good news.

    I work with YWAM Norway and currently I am involved in helping the church of Norway be more aware of the facts concerning UPG, and how they can be involved and make a difference espesifically through prayer. When I saw pictures of teh Prayer Wall that Unleashed for thre Unreached has, it really caught my attention. I talked to the leadership of YWAM Norway, and we want to try to produce such a wall for our own conferences, but also to be used around the country for different events and churches to bring awareness to the christians, and helping them get involved. I have been trying to use the contact information on this website, but I haven’t been able to get trough. The email address: ‘[email protected]’ hasn’t replied, and the phonenumber is out of use. Do you have any contact information to give me, how I can bring my questions further? We really would like to produce such a wall for our Go festival that host about 1000 people august 2016. Sincerely, Yngvild Hofstad(+ 47- 48255679

    • Doug Lucas says:

      Sure! Not sure what happened with the ‘info’ email. It’s an active email. And the phone should be active too. But either way…
      First things first: How do I pronounce your name? “EENG-vild” ???
      We can furnish artwork in PDF form for 24″x36″ poster sized prints — or for 2-foot or 3-foot (roughly a meter) wide ‘pop-up banners” that would be a couple of meters tall. If your ministry could donate an amount of your choosing to help underwrite the costs involved in producing these (and new “Walls” for the future), it would be great. But that would be your decision and the amount would be your choice.

      Shipping a complete wall — wow — that would be expensive. They’re about $2500 or so to produce. Then … shipping on top of that. And any import duty?

      We’d love to serve you.