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Check out this testimony, just in from NW India, where God is on the move among Sikh people.

“Sitting on the floor of a christian meeting place where I was invited by my friend, I found the reason for living. There on the floor as I listened to that Sikh man preach, I began to see how desperately wicked I was, as a serving police officer with Punjab police. It was there on the floor that the grim truth was revealed to me – that I was a sinner and there was a way for me to come out. I had always thought that there was no way out of my sinful life and after death, there was a second life and I would be born to suffer. All the motives, intents, and desires of my heart were exposed before the Living God, the very nature of my being was spread out visible to the eyes of whom I must give account. I saw that I deserved the full sentence for my sins; that I had in full measure transgressed the Law of God. I realized that the only just punishment for my sin was to spend eternity damned, separated from God, in the scorching pits of fire and brimstone in hell, where the closest thing to comfort is the wailing and gnashing of teeth. I saw that this was the only way that justice could be fulfilled for my rebellion against God Almighty, for denying Him love and obedience, and declaring my independence from Him. But then I suddenly saw the truth in front of me — there was no miracle, just simple plain truth that set me free from my sinful nature, as I simply asked the preacher to help me declare to the people sitting in his prayer hall that I am a sinner and I need to be free,as Satan was holding me for all those 53 years. I was immediately helped by the Sikh preacher and some friends from his prayer hall, and was asked to just accept Jesus into my heart. Later this Sunday, I was baptized with many other fellow brothers/sisters in a nearby pond.I am set free and a free man,knowing that I will face much opposition from family and friends and of course my staff in the police station, but I am happy to face the consequences to be with God forever.”

God is on the move around the world, even among Sikhs in NW India. Pray with U4theU that we can multiply this testimony many times over. (Thanks to Deepak, of North India Christian Mission, for sharing it with us!)

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