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david_smidl_with_cheryl_at_wall-300Hundreds visited the Wall of Unreached People at the NACC in Cincinnati this past week. One lady from Quincy, IL, explained that she had brought a new family along with her. “I told them that they needed to come to the NACC, if for no other reason than to see the Wall of Unreached Peoples.” Another visitor stopped with her daughter and decided to select a specific people group for whom to pray. When the daughter chose a group from Chad, the mother started weeping. When she could speak, she explained that, when she was in high school, she had committed to God to become a missionary to Chad someday. As it turned out, that had been a promise unfulfilled — so far. The daughter’s eyes misted then too. David (pictured) took a day off work as a nutrition sales manager just so he could volunteer at the Wall. He welcomed guests, explained that there were 6900 unreached people groups, then encouraged others to pray. One guest, Cheryl (pictured talking to David), shared that she too had always wanted to become a missionary. Seeing the Wall brought it all back to life. She determined in her heart to go back to her church and do her best to “wake up” her family, her church, and her personal life to a world full of need. It’s not too late to ‘adopt’ an unreached people group. Just scan the list at then fill out the contact form here and let us know your commitment.


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