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girls_at_wall_300Today we’re brainstorming about how we’ll try to help 600 people pray for unreached people groups this weekend. They reserved the Wall of Unreached Peoples long ago. They have a team of 3 of us coming in to help them. So — please… brainstorm with us. We’re thinking of printing out pages… a unique sheet for each and every attender. On one side will be a list of 11 unique unreached people groups (UPG’s) — 11 UPG’s that no one else in the room has. On the flip-side will be a UPG profile — a specific group, again, that no one else has. We’ll tell them, “If you don’t pray for your group, no one else will.” If they all work together, every known unreached people group on earth will be prayed for during the time they have the Wall at their building.

Obviously, this is a big of a logistical challenge. Our next step will be to go to, download a new “fresh” set of data, then start the painstaking process of formatting it. Once we finish it (IF we finish it in time??? We HAVE to finish it in time!) we’ll place a copy of whatever we prep on this website. We hope it will be helpful for someone else!

The message will be themed on “Missing Persons.” We’ll key in on an “Amber Alert,” and the way everyone in a community gets involved. Our hope is to get them involved in caring for at least one UPG, like people care about a missing little girl or boy. Please lift up the weekend — and pray that they’ll jump on board! Thanks!


[Update at the end of July 23]

Here’s the list of unreached peoples we pulled together for Sunday morning.

Unreached peoples:


Here are the narrative (unreached people group profiles) that will be printed on the BACK side:

Unreached people group profiles:


In addition, we’ll use two kinds of post-it notes…

[updated after the event]

Wow — God reigned!

We used two different kinds of post-it notes. We asked them to use their larger sticky-note (yellow) to write out a prayer for one of the people groups on their list. (Most used the full profile as the basis for the prayer.)  The other sticky note was for them to make note of any sort of “connection”  they might have with any group. Honestly, we’ve never seen so many people engage with the Wall of Unreached Peoples — and with praying for people groups in general. Maybe it was because the church had dedicated the entire morning service? Maybe it was because every single page was different. We told them, “If you don’t pray for your 10 people groups, no one else will.” Either way, they embraced it. God be praised!




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