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Originally written by Melanie Robinson

Look at the nations and watch— and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in  your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.  Habakkuk 1:5 

Faithful church....The other day I was asked why I think U4THEU (or PACE) is an effective strategy for a local  church.

Let me start with PRAYER, the “P” in PACE. When the church begins praying for the unreached, the focus is taken off them and refocused on God and his love for all peoples. The church’s eyes are opened to not only the unreached peoples “over there”, but to the unreached peoples “right here.” For the first time the church body begins to view the lost world the way God sees it. Once true prayer for the nations begins, the “church”, your church, will take her rightful role in the Great Commission. Get ready to be utterly amazed!

The “A” in PACE is for ACTIVATE. With this new Holy Spirit driven understanding that comes from concentrated prayer for the unreached, God naturally activates his people into action. Now let me say up front that not everyone in the church is going to jump into activity for the lost peoples of the world; but believe me, things will begin to happen. For some, life as it had been lived before no longer exists. They will view the nightly world news with new eyes, reading the Bible becomes more focused on the nations and less on themselves, and prayer will become a lifeline for expressing heartfelt love for the lost. They will begin sharing about unreached peoples with co-workers, family, friends, church staff, and leadership and in their small-groups. Honestly, they will begin talking to anyone who will stand still long enough for them to get the word unreached out of their mouths. God is activating an army, probably one of the most diverse you have seen in your church’s current ministries.

The “C” in PACE is for COMMIT. Once this army of prayer warriors is activated, commitment to a specific unreached people group will be the next step. To bring the Gospel to an unreached people is a mighty task and honestly, some might want to shy away. It is scary, but when faith through prayer prevails and your church commits in joining God in his Global purpose, again get ready to be utterly amazed. There is no greater adventure for any church!

Enlist, the “E” in PACE, is where the plan comes together. He will provide wisdom, people, and finances in planning your project; but I will tell you through experience it will always be on his timeline. You will see his provision in hundreds of ways! There will be God-orchestrated meetings in elevators, airports, and the grocery lines all to accomplish the goal of reaching your people group with the Gospel. God will possibly rise up field workers from your very own church or he will provide a group a remarkable young men and women for your church to embrace and send to your people group. When the first believer is baptized, the entire church will stand and cheer! Can you see it? I get goose bumps!

Do you and your church desire to be an Antioch church in current times, a church with a vision larger than anything it can do on people power alone?  Then join in the fight today! U4THEU (or PACE) is an effective strategy that can help you accomplish that desire.

Linda Epeards

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