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Originally written by Betty Byrd

I hope that you have enjoyed a glorious celebration of our Lord and Savior’s resuuretion! it was just that for me. Praise the Name of Jesus!

This year’s celebration was heightened because of every day that preceded that special day. I so enjoyed reading from the books of Leviticus, Psalms, and the Gospel of John. Leviticus seemed especially meaningful this read-trhrough as I focused on Jesus, the Supreme and Final Sacrifice. The psalms all seemed to rise up and express the praise that I sometimes find hard to put into words. And, then, wasn’t I almost surprised that thr Friday, Saturday, and Sunday readings from John were all about the arrest, trial, crucifixion, and burial of Jesus, climaxing on Resurrection Sunday with John 20 describing the resurrection of Jesus. it was fun to read it on my deck as the sun rose in the east… own private sunrise service! The words of Mark Maher’s “Christ Is Risen” rang in my heart as I listened:

“Let no one caught in sin remain Inside the lie of inward shame

We fix our eyes upon the cross And run to him who showed great love And bled for us

Freely you bled for us

Christ is risen from the dead Trampling over death by death

Come awake, come awake,  Come and rise up from the grave

O death! Where is your sting? O grave! Where is your victory?

Oh Church! Come stand in the light! Our God is not dead, he’s alive, he’s alive!”

As I think about how Jesus defeated death and how He made it possible for me to have a restored relationship with God, I am so very thankful. At the same time, I know that there are over two billion people who have never heard this Good News before, two billion people who have never celebrated new life or eternal life.

Easter 2014 is over, but the celebration has not ended. Jesus is alive!

Let’s not stop praying until the whole world hears this Good News.

Linda Epeards

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