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Originally written by Dave Stewart

For several years our church family has had a heart for the unengaged people groups of the world. There were many of us who believed it was shameful to see how much of the American church’s resources were poured back into home front ministries.

Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with ministries at home (sigh…) but we can’t keep avoiding going to the hard places just because they are the hard places. Or because they’re out of sight and out of mind. Or because we don’t receive instant gratification from our investments and sacrifices.

At Savannah Christian, we decided to become intentional. We determined to clarify a global outreach ministry impact that focused on two things internationally – 1) equipping national church leaders to multiply ministry; and 2) church planting movements, primarily among the unreached.

At that point the mission became clearer; the heart of our church began moving in this direction almost immediately.

As we attuned our corporate prayers with the heart of God in this area, we would often pray for the Lord to raise up a team from our church to go work among the unreached. To make it obvious to us which people group we should adopt as the messengers were set apart. It wasn’t long before the prayers were answered.

Today, there is a team serving in “The Hills” and three of the four family units are from our fellowship. We celebrate answered prayers and a growing heart among the people here; through this connection the ripple effect of empathy has increased. Many Savannah believers are now praying generally for people without access to the Gospel…and specifically for the people of The Hills. We’ve hosted several “Prayer for The Hills” gatherings and each time a large group will turn out. Additionally, there are now several other SCC folks in the pipeline of preparation to “go make disciples of all nations…”

Through all of this, I believe God’s provision and blessings were waiting on our obedience…

Now, as I prepare to leave for a trip to the country with the absolute largest number of unreached groups, my heart breaks for those who don’t know that “the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.” (Titus 2:11)

It’s time for someone to tell them.

Linda Epeards

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