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Originally written by Melanie Robinson

I have been purging old computer files and cleaning files from my desk drawer this week. Yes,  I was trying to live up to my New Year’s resolution to become more organized. I must tell you that I had a wonderful time clicking on pictures of our U4theU/PACE teams working in Europe. There were promotional and prayer publications that encouraged our church members to get involved through prayer, giving and short-term trips. I found old newsletters and copies of notes written to our field workers and notes from them to me and our church body. I could go on and on, but what I truly found on my trip down memory lane was that my church has been on an amazing journey with our missionaries! Not just writing a check or an occasional meal with them when they came to visit or even a week spent with them here or there, but a real journey filled with relationship. What a gift to them and to us! I know it has brought glory to our Father as we have shared the Gospel among the unreached as a team being led by Him and following His command to disciple the nations.

Linda Epeards

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