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Linda Epeards


Prayer Stations Guide

Finding ways to engage your church in prayer is never easy, but one church in Louisville, KY has put together an incredible guide for creating an atmosphere of prayer for…
Linda Epeards
July 29, 2015

U4theU July Webinar

Did you know that most PACE projects can take 10-30 years to complete? There are so many things that can happen during that time to derail a project, so how…
Linda Epeards
July 9, 2015


Originally written by Melanie Robinson: There have been many changes in Shively’s PACE Project over the years. Many new faces, plans taking a turn in a direction we had never…
Linda Epeards
April 2, 2015


Learn about, support, and connect with workers in urban fields. Dehoney Center for Urban Ministry Training International Justice Mission Gospel for Asia Latin American Mission Rahab Ministries Thailand School of…
Linda Epeards
April 1, 2015

Research Tools and Information Center for the Study of Global Christianity Christian Futures Network Christian Research Create International Equipping the Saints Global Mapping International Global Recordings Network Indigitech International Bulletin of Missionary Research…
Linda Epeards
March 30, 2015