The Wall of Unreached People

The Wall of Unreached People is a series of panels that lists all 6,500+ unreached people groups in the world. It has been exhibited at numerous conferences, conventions, and events around the country to help bring awareness to the unreached across the globe.

The Wall is a powerful tool that conveys the immensity of the task ahead and can be used as a visual aid during missions events at churches, schools, or conferences.

What You Need to Know to Book the Wall

How big is the Wall?

There are 3 different replications of the Wall of Unreached People that travel around the country to be displayed at different events. Depending on which Wall you book, there will be between 20-27 panels that are 6-7 feet high and 3 feet wide. When set up end to end, the Wall will be around 60-80 feet long.

What does it cost to host the Wall at my event?

Each Wall host is expected to ground ship the Wall to the next host using either UPS or FedEx. Estimated shipping costs are around $200-300, depending on which Wall you book.

U4theU makes no money off the Wall and doesn’t charge for churches or groups to host it. However, the vinyls and stands often get damaged at events and need to be replaced fairly often, so we do ask that each church or group contributes a $250 offering toward the upkeep of the Wall so it can continue to travel the country and bring awareness to the unreached.

How can we prepare to host the Wall?

Pray, pray, pray! We believe that prayer is the most important step you can take to prepare for the Wall. Pray for those who will see the Wall, that they will be impacted, pray that God will stir the hearts of those He wants to mobilize, and pray for the unreached, that the Lord will raise up workers to bring them the gospel.

If you would like resources to supplement the Wall at your event, feel free to download and use the any helpful resources here. If there’s a specific type of resource you’d like but can’t find, contact us and we’ll help you find or create what you want!

How do I book the Wall for my event?

If you have a specific date you’d like to host the Wall, visit the Event Calendar to see if any of the 3 traveling Walls are available. Be sure to figure in about 5 business days for shipping before and after your event.

Once you have checked availability, fill out the form below to begin communications with our Wall specialist who will walk you through the entire process!

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