Pray - to Change Your World, Near and Far

As we continue to learn more and more about the world in which we live, we're inevitably challenged by the needs, opportunities and challenges. Like a perfect storm, they inevitably drive us to the one place we know that all good projects (for His glory) should begin: To our knees.

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Pray -- one of 6 Ways to Change Our World!

  • Realize that prayer is the power behind global oureach. See the article by that title here at U4theU.
  • Recruit a coordinator or group leader with gifts and priorities for prayer
  • Try to multiply your prayer ministry into the lives of others.
  • Sign up to receive prayer letters or emails from missionaries that interest you, then pray for them.
  • Ask God to show you for whom you should pray
  • Request country- or people-specific prayer guides for your computer or mobile phone.
  • Join or start a prayer group at school or church to pray among your friends, and for whomever else God has asked you to pray.
  • Purchase Operation World, previously by Patrick Johnstone, currently by Jason Mandryk, praying for a different country each day.

If you or your church will be tackling (a) specific unreached people group(s) proactively, we need additional levels of prayer:

  • Ask God to bless your church leaders as they deliberate over which people group to embrace.
  • Learn more about people groups at, picking some particular people groups for which to pray. Avoid, however, "freezing in" on  one particular group at the expense of another. Stay "fluid," because once a team travels to visit the group, the church or partnership might learn a whole lot more about them -- and the facts and figures could have changed dramatically. Wait until the Vision Trip or Prayer Journey team returns, then read their report.
  • Pray that God will give your church/agency a strategy that will be effective in their context.
  • Ask God to raise up workers for the group for which you're praying.
  • Pay close attention to anything written by your church leaders or partner agency. Pray about all of it.

Ask God for the resources

  • Pray for the leaders to rise high in marching for forward for the cause. Ask God to help them be courageous and visionary, yet sensitive to the people.
  • Pray for on-site team members to step up to the plate.
  • Ask for the funding sources to send them.
  • Pray for the strategy that they will embrace.
  • Pray for the destination land, its people and its problems. Ask God to raise up a church-planting movement there.
  • Join the 30 Days Prayer for the Muslim World initiative.
  • Search in your favorite search engine for Operation World then a country name, e.g., "Operation World Niger"
  • Watch the PrayerCast video for each nation.

There are other sites on the web. For example, you can learn more at . See the prayer resources link there.