Share Your Passion at an Exhibit or Event

Lobbyists help interpret the data, thereby sharing their passion for the Unreached.There are 7,000 Unreached People Groups in the world. That’s over 2 billion individuals that have never heard of Christ. It's overwhelming, but YOU can make a difference. By giving of your time at an Unleashed for the Unreached event, you'll be helping unreached peoples by bringing awareness, educating others, and linking up prayer for the unreached.

What will be your role? You'll g
reet those who pass by, explain the Wall to them, and sign them up to pray for specific unreached people groups. In addition, there might be a special campaign for that event, by which the event will track people group "adoptions." (You'll be able to learn more about each respective event by contacting those managing the Wall at the event you hope to serve.)

By the end of the event, dozens -- maybe hundreds -- will have signed up to become Intercessors and/or Catalysts for the unreached in partnership with U4theU. What reward could be greater than knowing that entire tribes, castes, and kindreds might go to Heaven instead of Hell because of a couple of hours work per day.

It all starts when you sign up. Don't worry. In most cases, we (or those managing the Wall at the respective event) will prepare training materials that should answer all your questions about how to communicate with those responding.