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Originally written by Betty Byrd

Just had the privilege of listening to an update from a young woman who recently returned to the U.S. after a 15-month internship in Spain.  Would you let me share this story she told with you?

Multiple times during the fifteen months Sarah was in Spain, she observed a man of retirement age walking in her neighborhood. It seemed that every time she left her apartment, she would see him on some leg of the route she was taking to wherever she might be going.  She began to wonder about his story. Where was he going? What was he doing?  Was he, as she had presumed, retired with lots of time for walking? Sarah wanted to ask him these questions – even invite him to the English center (where she worked and sowed Gospel  seeds), but her introverted self prevented  her  (and, wisely so) from approaching him. Instead, she began to pray for him.

During the last week of the fifteenth month that Sarah was in Spain, she entered the English center and found this man, Santiago, seated and engaging in the Creation to Christ Bible story discussion. Since returning to the U.S.  two months ago, Sarah has heard from her team leader in Spain that Santiago has continued to frequent the center and participate in the discussion of the Bible stories. When the group discussed what was happening in the early church as described by Luke in Act 2:42, Santiago asked the question, “Shouldn’t we be doing that?”

We know the answer to that question!

So now there is a group of Spaniards in this city in Spain devoting themselves to teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer.  Sounds like the beginning of a church plant to me!

And all because someone prayed. To God be the glory!

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