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Originally written by Sherry:

It’s easy to agree to pray for someone going to the Middle East or to start a project there, but a different matter actually going yourself. It wasn’t long after our committee agreed to do the PACE Project to “Mara”, that our project coordinator felt we needed to take the missions committee, ministers, and some of our church leaders to do a prayer journey in that country. Everyone was asked to pray about going on this trip. Our coordinator was hoping for at least 10 people to go. Now I knew that I would be ‘out’ because I was a teacher and couldn’t get the time off unless it was over spring break. Well, it wasn’t long before the timing became my week of vacation. One by one something prevented many from going, but there was no question I was available, so I went, along with eight other people.

I probably should have been afraid. Maybe ignorance is bliss. I had no concept of what I was getting into until the training began. I remember being told about some of the dangers we could face while there. I was coached not to look into men’s eyes when passing them on the street, or not to be too friendly. But even then, the peace of the Lord was with me, and I knew that he was sending us for a greater purpose. As the time arrived, we were all excited to be a part of the prayer journey, and to see what God was going to do.

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