About us

What isUnleashed for the Unreached? [New: Watch an interactive presentation about U4theU. (Opens in a new window)]

  • It's a special initiative aimed at changing forever the spiritual destinies of people groups and cities that previously have remained hidden from the gospel. 
  • It's a campaign that was first launched at the 2011 North American Christian Convention (NACC) in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the evening of July 5, 2011, when convention president, Dudley Rutherford, delivered his keynote address. He asked churches everywhere to partner together to form networks that would boldly tackle the problem of getting the word out to unreached people groups and cities still uninformed about the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • It's an initiative that connects local churches with unreached peoples and cities, facilitated by trained Project Fulfillment Specialists, peer mentoring, and abundant prayer.

Unleashed for the Unreached intends to make a difference in the lives of untold individuals who have never before had the opportunity to say "Yes!" to Jesus. The vision is simple, but unique: We'd like to raise up a core group of Intercessors & Catalysts for Unreached People Groups and Cities across the globe. By the time we're done, we'd like to see a grass-roots movement within every people group and city in which communities of worshipping, obedient, evangelizing believers (churches) are reproducing other communities like themselves (new churches) in ways which are culturally adapted to the people group. 

We intend to accomplish this vision by staging the following services on an ever-expanding basis: 

Visioncasting and Strategic Planning
U4theU Volunteers dream of the day when all peoples, all cities, and all nations have had a valid opportunity to say "Yes!" to Jesus. To bring about the fulfillment of this dream, they seek to raise up and connect Intercessors, Catalysts, and other Volunteers.
Communication and Intentional Networking
These unreached people groups didn't become unreached overnight. They were ignored for centuries -- to the point that no one in their midst can even remember following Jesus. Overcoming that barrier will require more than just one church, one agency, or one decade. So much of our work has to be proactive and strategic communication and partnership-building. In essence, we're trying to launch movements to tackle huge challenges. No wonder we start with prayer.
Coaching and Project Fulfillment
Using a wide array of communications tools (including webinars, presentations, conference calls, "Skype," personal phone calls, face-to-face visits, and more), U4theU Volunteers seek to encourage, mentor, facilitate, and assist leaders and local churches in following through with their good intentions of reaching unreached peoples and cities.
Exhibits and Events
At the NACC, NMC, state conventions, missions rallies, in local churches, and more, U4theU Volunteers seek to communicate the challenges and opportunities of the Task remaining.