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EcuadorHi, my name is Linda Lucas I am a midwest-born and raised, PK (preacher's kid), who grew a passion for missions and the global church by witnessing the exemplary lives of my parents and the missionaries that passed through our home. After attending Cincinnati Bible College (University), I married my husband, Jim Lucas.  We were blessed to raise three amazing sons. We have now gained three wonderful daughters and three beautiful grandchildren.  Firmly believing that my ministry begins at home, I have been a stay-at-home mom and a home educator.

My feet first hit foreign soil in 1993 in the Ukraine, a 17-day journey that forever changed my life and direction of service for the Lord. Following this journey I began serving in our church’s Missions Ministry and participating in annual, short term mission journeys, in which I later began to lead.

Currently my husband and I serve in the Christian Church in DeMotte, Indiana. I continue to serve in the Missions Ministry and now also serve with Team Expansion as volunteer Regional Mobilizer for NW Indiana, a Connections Trip leader and Catalyst for the Shuar of Ecuador.    

 A favorite passage of Scripture that gives me courage to do all that God has called me to is Philippians 1:3-6;  because of this passage my hope abounds and fears are dispelled …To the work to the work… until all have heard … or He calls me home.


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A Connection Moment
December 30, 2011

 I first became more aware of the unreached peoples in 2010. The numbers and need are overwhelming. How could I focus on just one? How would I choose? It must be God's choice and not mine.  I began to pray and wait for direction. As I waited my prayers remained general as I longed for more focus. Then one evening a year later, as I was in Ecuador, our mission team was sharing in after dinner conversation with our Ecuadorian hosts, two opportunities arose.

  1. We learned that our host couple for that evening has interest to come to the states to take the Kairos course with the hopes of bringing this great discipleship material back to Ecuador for the church there.    
  2. There is an unreached people group within 10 hours of the city in which they live, the Shuar people.  The church there has already had discussion and interest in working to reach these people for Christ.   

Since this journey I have a new drive in the beat of my heart, my prayers have found greater purpose and focus that closer reflect the heart of God.  I am now networking, praying and advocating for the Shuar because I believe God has brought them into my life in answer to my prayers.   Timing seems to be divine as personal connections have been made with a family who has an intimate 'family' relationship with a full blood Shuar young man, their church has already been contemplating planting a church where some Shuar have come out of the jungle to reside and the complete Bible was finished in Shuar as of 2010!  When this came to my attention in Ecuador I immediately felt the Spirit within me fill with excitement and I realized....this is why I am here!  

 This is my heart’s plea, if you are seeking an unreached people group to focus your prayers and energies on maybe you too would join me in specific daily prayer for the Shuar people as we wait to see what God will do. 

 Please pray that God will cause a stir within for them to seek Him, create a hunger and thirst that will soften their hearts to desire and hear the gospel.  Ask God's timing and wisdom and for him to raise up workers who can commit to full time work in this field of harvest for them.

 Please join me also in prayer for these two opportunities in discipleship and evangelism for the people of Ecuador.  Work is underway to take Kairos to the church of Ecuador and a prayer journey for the Shuar is being formed for early summer of 2013. 

 If you are interested in joining us on this journey or know someone who would, please contact me for further information.

 Until all have heard, or He calls me home.

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