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EcuadorHi, my name is Linda Lucas I am a midwest-born and raised, PK (preacher's kid), who grew a passion for missions and the global church by witnessing the exemplary lives of my parents and the missionaries that passed through our home. After attending Cincinnati Bible College (University), I married my husband, Jim Lucas.  We were blessed to raise three amazing sons. We have now gained two wonderful daughters and three beautiful grandchildren.  Firmly believing that my ministry begins at home, I have been a stay-at-home mom and a home educator.

My feet first hit foreign soil in 1993 in the Ukraine, a 17-day journey that forever changed my life and direction of service for the Lord. Following this journey I began serving in our church’s Missions Ministry and participating in annual, short term mission journeys, in which I later began to lead.

Currently my husband and I serve in the Christian Church in DeMotte, Indiana. I continue to serve in the Missions Ministry and now also serve with Team Expansion as volunteer Regional Mobilizer for NW Indiana, a Connections Trip leader and Catalyst for the Shuar of Ecuador.    

 A favorite passage of Scripture that gives me courage to do all that God has called me to is Philippians 1:3-6;  because of this passage my hope abounds and fears are dispelled …To the work to the work… until all have heard … or He calls me home.


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INTERLINK - Universities & Hospitality –
May 27, 2014

’Come, follow Me,’ Jesus said, 
‘and I will make you fishers of men.’”

Haitian boat             Mark 1:17

Interlink is a great program and source of international connections to welcome foreign students at a local university here in north/west Indiana, by helping them to practice English.  In the process, God has used this intercultural program to bring about His good by creating divine appointments that have blossomed into wonderful new friendships.  By just being a friendly, welcoming face and smile, many have been blessed to meet a lot of wonderful people who are studying from a numerous variety of countries right here at our own local universities.  This must surely be a best kept secret that in reality has amazingly great potential, for we the Church, to be true ambassadors for Christ to the thousands of students who represent countries with millions and billions of souls yet unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I pray that thousands more will answer God's call to join the kingdom work through this accessible and practical way and put into practice the spiritual gift of hospitality!  [READ MORE]

Staying the Course
March 13, 2014

Prayer WallYou’ve encountered a reality check, your vision has been enhanced, your heart has been tendered for unreached souls to know and worship God who has paid their ransom and you long to run into uncharted lands and peoples to proclaim pardon and freedom in Christ Jesus!   You have the Light and Word, His Holy Spirit living in you and they can too!  God’s call upon your life has enlarged your heart compelling you to make an impact within an unreached people group for the glory of our Father.  You have sought to cast the vision to your brothers and sisters and invited them to join you in the race; you look back and to your dismay, no one is following the trail you’re blazing and now maybe you have found yourself weary and alone on this journey with God.   [READ MORE]

Now That's a Prayer Meeting!
April 19, 2013

DeMotte LTF U4U wallTo God be all glory, for the great things He has done, is doing and is about to do!  There is a stir in the  hearts of the global Church who were blessed to have met together  to pray specifically for the unreached people of the world by way of a live internet broadcast for the first ever Global Prayercast via our host congregation at Legacy Christian Church in Kansas on April 17, 2013.  Prayers were lifted live from every continent of this earth to petition God to raise up more workers for the harvest fields to reach those 7,000 people groups yet unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ.   He will answer! [READ MORE]

One In Christ
August 1, 2012

prayerPrayer is so much more than we commonly perceive and is made possible at great cost to our Father, we all too often fail to stop and count the cost to Him.   When we think of Jesus in the garden the night he was betrayed, pleading desperately with His Father that if there be any other way for redemption to let this cup pass from Him, to the point of sweating drops of blood.  As a mother of three sons I am pierced to the core of my very soul to envision the Father looking upon His only begotten Son in such a state and telling Him there is no other way.  Oh Lord forbid,  we should ever consider prayer to be; simply prayer, a last resort, a spiritual discipline, something we have trouble finding time for….. we petition You, Father, for more workers and thank you for the harvest you have promised to bring from every tribe tongue and nation! [READ MORE]

A Connection Moment
December 30, 2011
Lindas praisesI first became more aware of the unreached peoples in 2010. The numbers and need are overwhelming. How could I focus on just one? How  would I choose?  It must be God's choice and not mine.  I began to pray and wait for direction. As I waited my prayers remained general as I  longed for more focus. Then one evening a year later, as I was  in Ecuador, our mission team was sharing in after dinner conversation with our Ecuadorian hosts, two opportunities arose. [READ MORE]

Educating Your Congregation On Missions
December 28, 2011
"Lindas World MapIf the purpose of the church is the great commission then the great commission should be the purpose of everything we do and a part of every ministry.  We must seek to integrate this into each one of our Ministries." [READ MORE]

Double the Resource & Double the Force
December 18, 2011

LLucas - LTF prayerThe heart of God aches for those who are lost, so should mine. Two billion plus souls requires all God's children and ceaseless prayer that reflects the heart of our God. [READ MORE]

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