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Dave DamronDave Damron resides in Atlanta, GA, but his heart belongs to the world. Whether he's leading a team of local church members up into the mountains of Peru, or sharing in a ministers' meeting about the role of prayer in completing the Great Commission, his passion and commitment are ever-present. As a Writer for Unleashed for the Unreached, he won't have to reach far for words: The Lord seems always to empower him for the next challenge... and because of that, U4theU is a better initiative.


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Tears of Possibilities
October 31, 2011
Shortly after greeting one-another, this woman told me of her love and devotion to the Lord in her early years of adulthood, but the recent years of heartache and pain because of divorce.  She needed to hear that Christ continues to redeem and reconcile His sisters and brothers back to the Father.  We prayed together, and she took a brochure about Unreached Peoples, and committed to praying for God's leading.  The Father only knows what will ultimately result because of this woman's seeking; but beyond her tears, she saw possibilities.
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