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Melanie Robinson has served for the past 15 years as the PACE Project Coordinator for Shively Christian Church. She is the receptionist/secretary at Team Expansion’s International Services, a mission agency headquartered in Louisville, KY. Melanie is passionate about praying for unreached peoples, praying and encouraging missionaries, and working to mobilize the global church in being faithful to the work of the Great Commission. She would tell you a perfect day is when she has an opportunity to cook for, pray with, or encourage a missionary. She and her husband Terry have been married for 31 years and have two grown sons.


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Skyping for His Glory
December 4, 2014

Yesterday I was able to speak with one of the mission workers serving in our PACE work. She is new to mission work and new to this field. She has started language school and is doing well, but she is an extravert and she wants to communicate now!!! I was able to talk with her in English to give her a little break from constantly trying to speak her new language. I was also able to encourage her and most importantly I was able to pray with her. Today, I am thanking God for technology and how tools like “Skype” can be used to His glory! [READ MORE]

God is in Control
October 2, 2013

When I became PACE Project Coordinator for my church I couldn’t wait to get started; was going to bring many unreached peoples to the throne of God! Did you notice how many times “I” was used in that sentence? 


Amazing Journey
January 6, 2012

Purging old computer files and cleaning out desk drawers sure took me back to memory lane and the beginnings of this amazing journey our church started in 1995 with Team Expansion and a wonderful group of young missionaries. [READ MORE]

Faithful God and Faithful Church
October 7, 2011
  The other day I was asked why U4THEU (or PACE) is an effective strategy for a local church. As I think back over the past 15 years at the adventure our church has experienced, I am utterly amazed. Let me begin with PRAYER, the “P” in PACE.