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Fern Creek 2 girls"Unleashed for the Unreached" is a special initiative aimed at changing forever the spiritual destinies of people groups and cities that previously have remained "hidden" from the gospel. It's an initiative that connects local churches with unreached peoples and cities, facilitated by trained Project Fulfillment Specialists, peer mentoring, and abundant prayer.


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NACC 2014
June 13, 2014
The 2014 NACC should prove to be one of the most exciting conventions yet! [READ MORE]

The PACE Process
March 20, 2013
A post from Rogue Valley Christian Church, a PACE church in Medford, OR about their PACE experience thus far: 

For some time now, our church has had a great burden for the unreached, but has lacked a tangible idea of how to respond to that burden. We knew the Lord wanted something from us beyond the traditional... [READ MORE]

Labeled as a Radical Pornographer
January 25, 2012

Radical - the bookPerhaps you've noticed that U4theU has been featuring a year-long weekly Bible study relevant to the book, Radical. What you might not have realized is that this week's study was caught before being emailed by filters designed to predict the "spam coefficient" of outgoing emails. This week's study was destined, it said, to be trapped by every porn filter on the web. Read on to find out why. [READ MORE]

Merry Christmas! From U4theU
December 25, 2011

Home_For_ChristmasOn this Christmas Day 2011, all of us at Unleashed for the Unreached would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a most blessed and happy New Year! ... [READ MORE]

"Who Wouldn't be Interested?"
November 17, 2011
The Wall of Unreached peoplesComments heard during the opening evening at the National Missionary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia: Doug: "Thanks for your interest in U4theU." Response: "Who wouldn't be interested?" [READ MORE]

Welcome to Atlanta!
November 17, 2011
U4theU Next StepsIf you're joining us at the Georgia International Convention Center, Welcome! We're glad you're here! You might ask - How do I get started with U4theU? [READ MORE]

"I Found the Reason for Living"
October 19, 2011
Sikh testimony"Sitting on the floor of a Christian meeting place, where I was invited by my friend, I found the reason for living." [Check out this testimony, just in from NW India, where God is on the move among Sikh people.]  [READ MORE]

Take Part in a U4theU Webinar: It's free!
October 6, 2011
webinarOn a regular basis (twice each month, but more often if needed), we gather together the Unleashed for the Unreached community via an online conferencing tool called a webinar. 

U4theU is #23,164,734
October 5, 2011
That's right. Currently, we're ranked #23,164,734 in website traffic.* Can you help us bump it up a bit? (According to Alexa.) Read on to find out how. [READ MORE]

2013 NACC Prez Gives "Emphatic Yes" to U4theU
October 5, 2011
KY Intl Convention CenterIn a phone call today, Matt Proctor, the President of the 2013 NACC gave, in principle, an "emphatic yes" to the ideas behind Unleashed for the Unreached.  [READ MORE]

U4theU Exhibit in Atlanta Will be "Dudley-ized"
October 4, 2011

Dudley RutherfordDudley Rutherford preaches at Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, California. As President of the 2011 NACC in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was largely his strong belief in missions that laid the groundwork for the launch of Unleashed for the Unreached. But what you might not know is that he wasn't quite satisfied with the Cincinnati exhibit. [READ MORE]

"I never imagined..."
September 30, 2011

GL, Okolona"Our church has done a lot for missions throughout the years, but I never imagined we could start from scratch researching and helping launch a new outreach in an Islamic land." (G. L., Okolona Christian Church, Louisville, KY) [READ MORE]

What Exactly Is U4theU?
September 18, 2011
"Unleashed for the Unreached" is a special initiative aimed at changing forever the spiritual destinies of people groups and cities that previously have remained "hidden" from the gospel. [READ MORE]

God is Raising a Wave
July 14, 2011
IMG_1033.JPGBy the end of the NACC in Cincinnati (July 5-8), God had stirred the hearts of over 250 individuals. Many signed up to be Intercessors, pledging to pray for the Good News to come to a particular "adopted" people group or city. [READ MORE]

JoshuaProject.net Encourages U4theU Commitments
July 4, 2011
On the eve of the grand opening for the initiative known as Unleashed for the Unreached ("U4theU"), The Director of JoshuaProject.net, a widely-known website publishing real-time data about unreached people wrote today, encouraging NACC convention-goers to step up to the plate.

Next Steps Guidesheet
July 3, 2011

U4theU Next StepsPerhaps you're thinking, "OK -- say I'm successful in convincing my church to do this whole unreached people thing. What are my next steps?" There are some very specific next steps you can take. Four of them start with "W":... [READ MORE]

IMB Research Director Trains U4theU Volunteers
June 28, 2011
Research screenEarlier today, several of our key U4theU Volunteers met via webinar with the Director of Global Research for the Southern Baptist IMB, the largest mission organization in the world. Jim taught the group ... [READ MORE]

June 26, 2011
You can pray each day for a different people groupThat's how many people groups are said to be unreached. These 6900 tribes, castes, and kindreds together comprise over 2 billion people in population. That's about 1/4 to 1/3 of the earth's entire population. For more information, visit www.joshuaproject.net. [READ MORE]