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Tune in at 2pm EDT Saturday, Oct. 31, for the next Global Prayercast here:


ICOM 2015 – The Away Team

A Global Prayercast features dozens of participants from many time zones and nations, with emphasis on worship and scripture-reading in multiple languages. It’s possibly the best way to visualize the global nature of God’s Kingdom. In one swath, participants and pray-ers gain a fantastic perspective on just how greatly God reigns throughout the world.

Tomorrow is the day for the 2015 Global Prayercast, scheduled to be staged at ICOM 2015 in Richmond, VA, at 2pm EDT on Saturday, Oct. 31st. If you’re at ICOM, just head to the main sessions location in the Greater Richmond Convention Center. For this particular Global Prayercast, there will be no pre-recordings.

Here are a couple of videos you can use to promote this exciting event:

And if you’d like to get an idea of what happens during a Global Prayercast, here are “archived” versions of prior Global Prayercasts.


Request to pray as a participant in the fall 2015 Global Prayercast

Use this form to request to be one of the 55 or so prayer participants that will be streamed as a part of the Global Prayercast. (Note: You must have ‘live’ internet. There will be no recordings in this particular prayercast. Also, we regret that we cannot guarantee that every request will be granted. Thanks for your understanding.)

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