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Fern Creek 2 girls"Unleashed for the Unreached" is a special initiative aimed at changing forever the spiritual destinies of people groups and cities that previously have remained "hidden" from the gospel. It's an initiative that connects local churches with unreached peoples and cities, facilitated by trained Project Fulfillment Specialists, peer mentoring, and abundant prayer.


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Labeled as a Radical Pornographer
January 25, 2012

Radical - the bookPerhaps you've noticed that U4theU has been featuring a year-long weekly Bible study relevant to the book, Radical. What you might not have realized is that this week's study was caught before being emailed by filters designed to predict the "spam coefficient" of outgoing emails. This week's study was destined, it said, to be trapped by every porn filter on the web. Read on to find out why.

You see -- this week's study focuses on Song of Solomon. So we actually had to intentionally misspell several words, including "six" and "sixuality" -- just to get the broadcasted email out of the gate. Read more about the weekly study (and, if you choose, sign up to receive it each Tuesday afternoon) here. Read the ill-fated Week 21 edition here.

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