Welcome the Nations to your Doorstep!

Sometimes (often), we have to go to the nations. But other times (a lot), God brings them to us. The great thing about the Great Commission, it's "both-and" instead of "either-or." In other words, the verse actually reads, "As you are going, ..." -- which means, around the block . . . and around the world. Check it out in this video:

Often times, they come with nothing. Two suitcases. Some money. Food stamps. For them, just finding a local person, willing to advocate for them, is an amazing discovery. Then what do you do? How do you help?

  • Ask your local church if there is an outreach to internationals, nearby.
  • Become a friendship partner with an organization like ISI. Be "Jesus in the flesh.'"
  • Introduce yourself to internationals in your neighborhood or while shopping.
  • Connect with a ministry in your city or county.
  • Talk to Team Expansion. They might have someone else nearby who could help you.