Send someone to the Nations!

Telling Bible stories by a campfire...In the same way that Go-ers need to go, Senders need to send. For without the empowering partnership of the sender, there wouldn't be any go-ers. As we mentioned previously, the Bible says, "How can anyone preach unless they are sent?" (Romans 10:15)


Check out this, explaining the various ways one can send.


Maybe the go-er merely tells stories about the Good News of Jesus -- by the campfire. The sender rallies together with partners to provide prayer, funds, and oversight to make it possible for the stories to be told. Even though the sender might not be on the front lines, if he or she is providing a key component, then, much like a

What kinds of things does a sender do?

  • Communicates
  • Prays
  • Sending care packages
  • Hold them accountable
  • House them
  • Feed them
  • Empower them
  • Visit them (short-term trips) either alone or with your life group
  • Ask God to show you a mission worker he wants you to encourage
  • Create a "sending group" to do that
  • Email the missionary, or use Facebook, telephone, Skype, or Skype webcam.
  • Provide transport (loan the missionary a car when they come to the USA to visit)