Webinars: 2nd Thurs and 2nd SundayOn a regular basis (the second Sunday at 7pm, Eastern time USA and again on the second Thursday at noon, Eastern time USA), we gather together the Unleashed for the Unreached community via an online conferencing tool called a webinar. 

Watch & listen to a previously-recorded webinar here. Contact us for the password.

Perhaps you've participated in webinars previously. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. If you plan on asking questions via voice (and we's always glad when people do), you'll need a microphone. (Also, if you are mainly just listening in, the speaker on your computer is fine, but if you plan on speaking at all, headphones are pretty much a necessity due to the fact that your microphone ends up retransmitting the sounds of your own speakers, setting up, at the very least, a pesky delayed-voice echo that impedes good communication with the rest of the group.) You won't need a webcam. At this stage, we aren't using group video-conferencing, although we might go to that at some point in the future as that technology becomes more accessible. 

So what can you hope to take away from a webinar experience? Essentially, we hope you'll gain:

  • Vision
  • Ideas to apply for the unreached people group for which you are praying
  • Challenge -- you might be dared to actually help reach the group upon which you've decided to focus.
  • Testimonies and real-life examples from other fellow-strugglers just like you.
  • Nuts & bolts -- tactial, strategic, intentional next steps. In short, "where do we go from here."
  • Structure -- You'll begin to see the big picture, as well as all the networking connections
  • Reminders -- You'll find yourself thinking, "Oh yes; I was going to ____" (fill in the blank with the 'next step' you had previously decided to take, but in the hustle and bustle of life, you had proceeded to forget.
  • Accountability -- You'll be surprised how helpful it is to be asked to report back on the progress you've made in your own initiative. It's friendly and informal, but regardless, it still prompts one to try to connect the dots prior to the next monthly get-together

What will you not encounter?

  • Costs -- So far, thanks to the generous support of U4theU partners, these webinars are free. Enjoy!
  • Make-up -- No one will see how you're dressed. You can come in hair curlers for all we care. No one will ever know.
  • An easy path -- Missions is hard work. Launching a church-planting movement in a previously unreached, unengaged people group or city... well let's put it this way: the folks at NASA were too frightened to tackle it. (OK, we're kidding about having asked NASA. But the truth is -- these unreached people groups aren't called "unreached" for nothing.)

So give it a try. What have you got to lose? 60 minutes? You spend longer than that watching a bad movie now and then. And another thing we don't have? Zombies. Guaranteed. So email us, call us, or otherwise let us know you're in. You just might finally get answers. Again, we usually meet at noon on the 2nd Thursday and 7pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Contact us.